1. To develop the qualifications acquired at the undergraduate education in a chosen area of
    specialization; in interior architecture and the skills of rational thinking and producing unique
  2. To understand the interdisciplinary nature of interior architecture and to contribute to the growth
    of interdisciplinary knowledge while implementing the acquired knowledge in interdisciplinary
  3. To apply specialized knowledge in interior architecture in theory and/or practice
  4. To diagnose and evaluate a specific problem in interior architecture and to develop a method
    towards its solution while working with professional and non-professional environments, taking responsibility, producing solutions and showing leadership when required.
  5. To use computation and communication technologies as required by a chosen area of
  6. To present critical evaluation of knowledge in interior architecture, directing self-education at an
    interdisciplinary level and independent conduct of advanced work
  7. To communicate contemporary developments in interior architecture and her/his own work in professional and interdisciplinary contexts in written, oral or visual forms
  8. To recognize the significance of lifelong learning and use learning skills developed through this program in other segments of life
  9. To demonstrate oral and written communication in at least one foreign language
  10. To understand and communicate social, scientific and ethical values in the accumulation,
    interpretation and/or application of data related to interior architecture